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Published by Brennan Kolotinsky


SmartDollar is a financial service company with a proven track record. SmartDollar has proven its success through their 20+ years of service within the industry. Several Success Stories highlight this point. Moreover, the average person using SmartDollar pays down $3,300 of debt and saves $5,000 in the first six months! A highly regarded financial guru named Dave Ramsey owns and manages SmartDollar.


Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey has helped more than two and a half million families fix their individualized financial scenarios. He has produced a broad range of financial advisory content. This content includes seven best-selling books, a widely adopted high school programs, radio talks premiering on more than 500 radio stations and a blog boasting a load of diverse materials. EveryDollar, a smartphone tool also developed by Dave Ramsey, provides support to families. EveryDollar allows families to budget by inputting incomes and expenditures.


Young couple meeting financial advisor for investment

Young couple meeting financial advisor for investment


Services & Method

SmartDollar aims to improve personal financial stability. They use a holistic approach to set families on track to “Financial Wellness.” This method consists of 3 key factors: inspiration, education and actionable steps. SmartDollar helps families escape debt, pay their next bills, start saving through budgeting, and meet future goals including retirement. Dave Ramsey recognizes and helps correct the underlying problems that lead to bad symptoms such as debt, stress, and poor savings/money. SmartDollar also acknowledges the importance of planning for risks and recommends you allocate a percentage of cash towards life insurance, an emergency fund and property insurance. Additionally, SmartDollar offers a blog covering a variety of activities such as pet care, vacationing, and holidays. SmartDollar’s engaging videos provide interactive learning components to ensure information is retained and applied. SmartDollar offers a free survey to evaluate your need for their services.


HR Vendor: SmartDollar is active in the community – promoting their services and valuable insights. As such, SmartDollar attended the 2016 SHRM conference in DC as an exhibitor.

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