Six Reasons Why You Should Opt for HRMS Software

Developing the right software architecture is important for businesses to thrive. Automation of different processes can help organizations achieve higher productivity.

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Streamlining of workforce management processes with the help of HRMS software is equally important for businesses to achieve desired results. After all, employees form an important part of the work culture of any organization.

Most organizations prefer the integrated approach towards HRMS software and go for a comprehensive package of HR modules. An integrated HRMS solution helps small, medium and large enterprises automate different tasks involved in managing the workforce efficiently. Time and attendance, employee self-service, employee database management, recruitment, onboarding, talent management, benefits administration are some of the important HR modules. A unified HRMS software that comes in the package of these important modules can help businesses in many ways:

Effective Recruitment: Smart sourcing of candidates is a sign of an efficient HR manager. But for recruiting right people for different profiles, they need to move beyond the traditional process of approaching candidates randomly. HRMS software can come for their help by pulling information about candidates from social media platforms and by integrating with leading job portals. With online talent assessment of candidates, HR professionals can streamline the shortlisting process and bring the right candidates on board.



Improved Employee Engagement: Employee engagement and retention are one of the most common challenges that organizations across different verticals have to deal with. According to a recent report , employee retention is a problem for 57 percent of organizations. But with a unified HRMS solution in place, organizations can create an engaging environment for employees where they can track leaves, fill worksheet, view pay slips, make claims for reimbursement, make IT declarations, define key responsibility areas (KRA), review their performance, and manage many other tasks on their own. This will let employees feel as a valued part of an organization, where they have got access to important data and have the liberty to define their career graph.

Smooth & Smart Onboarding: A report by Capterra says that 22% of new joiners leave their jobs within 45 days of being hired. One of the major reasons for employees leaving an organization quite early is the disorganized onboarding process. But with HRMS software, such as PeopleStrong and Ramco HCM, companies can allow new hires to fulfill joining formalities even before the day of orientation. All paperwork can be completed beforehand, allowing joiners focus more on getting familiar with new faces and understanding the work culture.

Payroll Management: Issuing the salary cheque on time is the priority of many organizations, but a lot of effort goes in payroll processing. Pre-processing activities involve input collation, reimbursement, and investment declarations. Leaves also need to be tracked for every employee before payroll processing. HRMS software creates a centralized database of all employee details so that payroll managers can access them easily. Further, payroll-related compliance also has to be fulfilled. HRMS software which tracks statutory changes across different states and keeps track of the latest changes in tax rules can prove quite helpful in processing error-free payroll.

Enhanced Communication Across Verticals: Communication is the key to improved employee engagement and higher productivity. Employees need a platform where their queries can be resolved in real-time. Chatbots are getting increasingly popular for hassle-free communication, which is enabled by Artificial Intelligence. Different HRMS software programs come with their own chatbot feature.

Improved Decision Making: Personal and professional data of employees, employee work-life cycle, job history, promotions, transfers and other details add up to a big chunk of data scattered across different departments. But the big data related to human resources can be organized efficiently in the form of reports and infographics by using a trusted HR software. With the authorized access to centrally stored data, employees, managers and HR professionals can refer to the same data to avoid any confusion. Also, with all data organized centrally, decision-making becomes easier for managers.

Investment in the right HR software is a cost-saving affair for businesses with a measurable return on investment. The HRMS software, which meets your business needs, will reduce labor cost considerably and reduce the time for completion of different activities. Online IT marketplaces can help SMBs explore, evaluate, and select the right HRMS software which best suits their requirements.'

Author: kalpana

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