SHRM Speaker Profile: Scott Derthick

SHRM_SCOTTDERTHICKScott Derthick is the Chief People and Culture Officer at Peckham, Inc. and has been with Peckham for 19 years. Scott serves as a board member for the Human Service Association Workers Compensation Fund and Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center.  Scott’s HR philosophy is to become an ambassador or steward of the culture, guiding staff to keep the mission top of mind in all they do.

At the SHRM Conference Expo 2016, Scott, alongside Justin Walworth, will be presenting the session “The Tidal Wave of Millennials Is Here. Effective Leadership for Managing Multiple Generations” which will help you differentiate between the myths and realities, and strengths and weaknesses that each generation brings to work and how to ensure all are respected and valued. More specifically, the session will help you:

  • Gain leadership insights to motivate, develop, and give feedback to Millennial staff.
  • Develop a better appreciation for a generationally diverse workforce.
  • Learn how flexible thinking will help you evolve your organization and your culture.
  • Identify ideas for Gen-Flexing your benefits to meet the needs of your employees throughout their career.

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