SHRM Speaker Profile: Joe Urbanski

SHRM_JoeUrbanskiJoe Urbanski is the COO at Total Solutions Group (TSG), a global strategic consulting, training, and coaching firm committed to driving a transformative impact to what’s Really Most Important™ to an organization’s value proposition and results.

Joe empowers people and organizations and is committed to helping you co-create your own leadership development. He is also ranked among the top 10% of speakers in the Society for Human Resource Management and the Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD).

Joe’s genius and passion for providing high-energy, engaging,interactive, and fun experiences within personal and organizational development is at the core of his appeal, while his entertaining style and simple approach make him a favorite at events across the country.

At the SHRM Conference Expo 2016, Joe presents the session “Session #704: The Communication Experiment: Change How Your Team Communicates in One Day” which shows you what needs to happen in order for your organization to truly serve its purpose while creating a culture that thrives. The workshop is designed to support managers in the quest to guide an organization to success via every organization’s No. 1 resource: human capital. The session helps you:

  • Define a clear path for understanding people’s strengths and diverse needs through a unique study of how we communicate starting with yourself.
  • Become the architect of meaningful, collaborative relationships that yield consistent and lasting success.
  • Create an aligned culture with increased engagement and ownership in goals and projects.

Make sure to follow Joe on Twitter.

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