SHRM Speaker Profile: Jeremy Ames

Jeremy Ames is CEO of Hive Tech HR (formerly Gaucho Group). As the CEO of Hive Tech HR, he leads a team of experts in Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) to help their clients work on their Human Capital Management (HCM) strategies. ThisAAEAAQAAAAAAAAhtAAAAJDg3OTRlZDgyLWEzYzUtNGYwNC1iNDg5LThkYzdmNjNiNmMyNA includes helping them find and/or implement their HCM software. Adding to his long list of outstanding credentials, he worked as a director, consultant, systems implementer, and international businessman for several companies, including being the former CFO on the Board of Directors of IHRIM, current member or the SHRM HR Technology and Management Expertise Panel, and co-founder of the upcoming WorkSpaceNext.

At the SHRM Conference Expo 2016, Jeremy, alongside Jamie Notter, will be presenting the session “Computers + Culture = Cash: Two Experts Talk One Strategy That Can Pay Off Big Time” which is intended for senior-level HR professionals. The session will take turns breaking down the technical and cultural implications of five major topics: recruiting, engagement, recognition, development and retention. This session will help you learn:

  • How to create one strategy that encompasses both technical and cultural changes in addressing HR challenges.
  • The risks of rushing into one or the other without proper forethought.
  • When the technology should drive culture, and vice versa.
  • How that one strategy can translate to better business performance.

Outside of work, Jeremy is a shortstop, fictional writer, and father, among other roles and interests. He enjoys satisfying client needs, closing deals, writing, long walks on a Cape Cod beach at sunset with the waves lapping at the shore, and humor.

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