SHRM 2015: Pre-Conference Social Media Analysis

The SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition is the biggest HR event in the planet, providing organizations with the tools, resources and netwoking oppotunities needed to create and implement successful HR practices.

This year’s conference, to be held in fabulous Las Vegas, promises to be bigger and better than ever and will feature internationally-renowned speakers offering fresh points of view and inspiring stories to help shift perspectives and deepen attendees’ understanding of leadership, motivation, and success. Over 200 concurrent sessions will provide a complete education for HR professionals at every stage of their career. Attendees can choose from a broad range of topics to customize their learning needs.

Innovative learning opportunities include the Masters Series featuring high-level academicians, Smart Stage presentations covering innovative new HR practices and Practitioner Exchange sessions featuring HR professionals from well-respected organizations.

The buzz around the big event is in full swing and, thanks to our friends at, we can give you the inside track on the key influencers making the biggest noise across the Twittersphere.


The most proflific users of the #SHRM15 hashtag in the build up to the big event are:

  1. SHRMnextchat
  2. SHRM
  3. Steve Browne
  4. ReviewSnap
  5. Rhonda E Taylor
  6. Dave Ryan, SPHR
  7. Gavin McMorrow
  8. Tiffany Kuehl
  9. Jackye Clayton
  10. Matthew Stollak
  11. Kristina Minyard
  12. David Kovacovich
  13. John Jorgensen
  14. Jessica Merrell
  15. TalentCulture
  16. Rocket Lawyer
  17. Josh Rock
  18. HR Blogger
  19. Kristi Jones
  20. Brad Galin
  21. HR Gal Friday
  22. Joel Peterson
  23. Blogging4Jobs
  24. Anne-Margaret Olsson
  25. Sun Life U.S.


With only a days until the big event gets going, thousands of mentions of the #SHRM15 hashtag are happening across Twitter. Of those, the following handles are getting the most mentions and retweets.

In order of most shares/mentions, the big influencers are:

  1. SHRM
  2. Blogging4Jobs
  3. Steve Browne
  4. TalentCulture
  5. Meghan M. Biro
  6. David Kovacovich
  7. marcus buckingham
  8. SHRMnextchat
  9. Tim Sackett SCP,SPHR
  10. HRmarketer
  11. Dave Ryan, SPHR
  12. Infor HCM
  13. No Kid Hungry
  14. Matthew Stollak
  15. Jessica Merrell
  16. Tiffany Kuehl
  17. Craig Fisher
  18. Joel Peterson
  19. Elodia Crawn
  20. Dwane Lay
  21. Robin Schooling
  22. Andi Cale
  23. John Jorgensen
  24. Kristina Minyard
  25. Josh Rock

This year’s top 10 topics linked to the conference hashtag are:

  1. Wage Hour
  2. War for Talent
  3. Wellness
  4. work for hire
  5. Workplace flexibility
  6. workplace learning
  7. Ban the Box
  8. better HR
  9. Big Data
  10. Brad Galin

Top 10 articles linked to using the analyzed hashtag

As the conference gets ever nearer the number of related posts will grow and grow. Of those related posts already out there this year, the ten most popular related topics are:

  1. The Brilliant HR Profession of Today and Tomorrow ( 113 posts )
  2. An Introverts Guide to #SHRM15 ( 62 posts )
  3. The Brilliant HR Profession of Today and Tomorrow ( 59 posts )
  4. Meet the #SHRM15 Bloggers ( 54 posts )
  5. The #SHRM15 Unofficial Party Guide Has Arrived ( 47 posts )
  6. How to Get the Most Out of #SHRM15 {#Podcast} ( 40 posts )
  7. Infor at SHRM 2015 ( 37 posts )
  8. Download our 2015 Guide to Las Vegas & the SHRM Annual Conf #SHRM15 ( 33 posts )
  9. Finding Time to Network at #SHRM15 ( 33 posts )
  10. 7 Do’s and Don’ts of Networking at SHRM ( 32 posts )'

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