Selecting the Right Employee Engagement Solution

Over the last few years, there has been a transformation towards a more employee-centric management methodology. However, while workplaces are getting better and HR is working hard to create more unique perks, better compensation plans, and more opportunities for employees – employee engagement is still an area where companies are struggling.

What’s Causing Low Employee Engagement?

Many experts think that low employee engagement comes from the current state of employment. Right now it is a candidate-driven market with low unemployment numbers and plenty of jobs, even in formerly depressed areas around the world. In the US, we’ve hit a 5% average unemployment rate, the lowest since the recession. However, some also think that candidates are still very cynical about the work environment because of past poor conditions and layoffs that companies made.

Employees want more than just free donuts to get them excited and engaged in their work place again.

Real Time Engagement has a Positive Effect on the Workplace

The good news is that things are starting to slowly turn around due to technology, like real time employee engagement apps and employee pulse surveys. This new technology is helping HR to lead the way in making work experience better for employees. Hugh Tonks, CEO of Thymometrics, weighs in on where employee engagement software is headed in the future and why it’s important for companies to adopt this new technology while making strategic business decisions.

While we may be working with very futuristic technology, especially when it comes to employee engagement applications and mobile-friendly systems, one fact still remains –all technology still requires active participation from human beings. In the corporate world this means management and employees must work together to improve the conditions that make a work experience positive. Hugh says that, “In terms of employee engagement, technology is an enabler: it facilitates better and more immediate communication with employees (in both directions), through the use of mobile devices and improved bandwidth; it can store increasing amounts of data about employees, their views and performance, with ever-more complex information structures (rich data); and more processing power can open up new ways to visualize data and extract insights from it.”

To summarize technology is powerful and it does provide the opportunity to enhance workplaces everywhere, but only when people get behind it and make it a regular part of the process.

Modern Engagement Technology Features Matter

The technology we have available to us in terms of employee engagement has evolved quite a bit since the original one-off reporting surveys that used to be in place. Real-time data enables business leaders to quickly see what’s happening in the organization to make the right decisions. Pulse surveys, like the next generation tools that Thymometrics provides, can make things easier in terms of gathering feedback from employees. When employees feel that they can safely share their opinions and ideas about things they are up to complete the surveys. In addition, Human Resources has a direct communication line open with employees so they can respond quickly to employees.

Selecting the Best Employee Engagement Provider

Choosing the right employee engagement survey provider can be a challenge, especially when there are so many different types of products out in the market today. However, using the right product is vital to the success of your company. Find a provider that offers a customized solution so that you have the reports that are most meaningful to your company’s goals.

In your quest for the right engagement solution, also consider how employees will complete surveys and how your organization will communicate with employees who have concerns. Think about the support aspect of the employee engagement provider. Responsiveness and the ability to build a product that is suited to your needs are the factors that you need to look for in an employee engagement survey company.

Author: Tess C. Taylor, CPC, PHR, SHRM-CP

Tess C. Taylor, PHR, CPC, SHRM-CP; Founder of HR Knows and The HR Writer, is a seasoned human resources content developer and career coaching professional in New York. She is passionate about educating others about human resource topics and policies, and has been featured on (Employee Benefits), BlogHer, Career Addict, Glass Ceiling, HR Magazine, PayScale Compensation Today, and US News Careers, among others.

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