The Recruiting Industry Is Undergoing a Violent Transformation published a post on Ford CEO, Mark Fields in early April, regarding the techno-driven existential threat to the auto industry. You’ll know it has happened when your Uber ride arrives at your door without a driver.

I contend there’s a similar existential threat about to occur in the recruiting industry. The LinkedIn and Microsoft mashup announced a few weeks ago could accelerate it. When it happens, it will impact every recruiter, hiring manager, HR leader and technology vendor who continues to espouse 20th century ideas in the 21st century.

Job seekers will finally have a chance to rejoice rather than complain.

First, here are my big reasons why a disruption is likely:

  • Current tools including job boards don’t improve quality of hire; they just allow people to change jobs more easily.
  • Despite a recent minor pickup, employee dissatisfaction has been a dismal 70% for the past 20 years due in large part to the ease of changing jobs for short term reasons.
  • A surplus of talent model designed to weed out the weak will not work when a surplus of talent doesn’t exist.
  • Depending on demand, 80-90% of all candidates are not looking to change jobs. Regardless, companies spend more time trying to hire the other 10-20% more efficiently.
  • New technologies are being developed to better match people on career growth and satisfaction rather than skills, experiences and compensation.

Given the need for disruption, here’s my approach for accelerating this makeover.

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