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The HR Gazette is lucky to have some amazing partners within Recruitment, Performance, HR Tech, Employment Law, Leadership and more.

Our partners don’t just offer first rate products and services, they are help educate our HR audience with whitepapers, reports and webcasts. Check out the latest HR tech webcasts & live presentations:

* March 3: Performance Appraisals
* March 4: High Performance Teams
* March 5: Signage Grows Engagement
* March 10: Performance Appraisals
* March 17: Performance Appraisals
* March 18: Better Onboarding
* March 18: Leadership Success
* March 31: Performance Appraisals
* April 1: Coaching for Busy Leaders
* April 14: Performance Appraisals
* April 21: Enabling Everyday Innovation
* April 21: Performance Appraisals
* April 28: Performance Appraisals


Like no other training form, e-learning provides a single experience that accommodates the three distinct learning styles of auditory learners, visual learners, and kinesthetic learners. Other unique opportunities created by the advent and development of e-learning are more efficient training of a globally dispersed audience; and reduced publishing and distribution costs as Web-based training continues to become the norm.

E-learning also offers individualized instruction, which print media cannot provide, and instructor-led courses allow clumsily and at great cost. In conjunction with assessing needs, e-learning can target specific needs. And by using learning style tests, e-learning can locate and target individual learning preferences.

Interested in developing team effectiveness? Want to know better ways to onboard new hires? Looking to discover fresh technologies to engage with employees? Got questions about performance management? Why not sign up for some of our upcoming FREE online classes? We think you’ll love them!

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