Orientationware™ and Sprigg Launch Software to Help New Hires

Learnware Design Inc. and SpriggHR Inc. have teamed up to create a helpful new cloud hosted product based on principles of ease of use and better conversations.Called Orientationware™, the new tool will be a stand alone or supplementary module within Sprigg’s Talent Management suite – providing a simple way for companies to get customized orientation and onboarding processes for a three month period.shutterstock_138622124

The outcome, Valerie Dixon, Jilaine Parkes and the team suggest, includes more productivity from new employees at a quicker rate. There’s also lots of features which we see as applicable for succession planning and changes due to factors such as mergers and acquisitions.

Learnware Design has worked with such companies as CIBC, Bank of Montreal, RBC, Toronto Stock Exchange, Rogers Communications, Pfizer Canada and Loblaw Ltd. while Sprigg is backed by such big hitters as ex Dragon Bruce Croxon. The neat new software decreases new employee “ramp up” time so they become productive contributors faster than normal.Managers benefit from better tools to engage in discussions with new employees tied with improved measures to ensure accountability and a goal-drive approach.

What does the software do? Seems like rather a lot actually! Here’s the low-down:

* Reduces the cost of recruitment
* Increases your new hire retention rate
* Continues building your reputation as an employer of choice
* Reduces the amount of time it takes for new hires to become productive
* Maximizes the use of your online resources (i.e., linked within the technology platform)
* Reduces the amount of time it takes your managers to orient and onboard their new employees

New customers receive a comprehensive orientation process that focuses more on establishing effective communication between new employees and managers so the new employees know they have made a good employment decision.

Scenarios in which The HR Gazette sees Orientationware™ filling a gap and offering a new solution:

* High recruitment costs (due to either high employee turnover or company growth, expansion, or mergers/acquisitions)
* Low employee morale
* Ineffective or non-existent orientation
* Highly competitive recruitment marketplace – there is a need to build on the organization’s reputation as an employer of choice
* New employee time to competence challenges – it simply takes too long for employees to become productive and customer-facing

“Great.. so what about outcomes and results?” we hear you ask..

The tools offered by Orientationware™ and sister products from SpriggHR present opportunities for better onboarding and integration for various stakeholders:

New Employees

  • Gives new employees the right to ask questions and receive the information they need when they need it.
  • Quickly moves employees from saying ‘I’m new here’ to feeling part of your organization.
  • Encourages new employees to take responsibility for their own orientation, by giving them the necessary process to follow and support tools and resources.
  • Helps new employees become productive more effectively and efficiently.

Managers of New Employees

  • Provides managers with a ready-to-use and easy to implement orientation process.
  • Encourages performance building dialogue between managers and their new employees during critical orientation checkpoints.
  • Helps managers focus on retaining new employees.
  • Builds stronger relationships between the new employees’ managers and their new employees.

For the Organization

  • Extends the orientation process beyond the first week to ensure a comprehensive 90 day orientation process.
  • Emphasizes new employee performance and productivity, not just learning facts about the organization.
  • Reduces potential re-recruitment costs due to new employee turnover.
  • Accelerates new employee productivity and acceptance in the organization.


Its understood that the new product will be in full roll out throughout the US and Canada in Q2 of 2015. We’ll be taking a closer look at the software and chatting with some of the Directors over the coming weeks. Watch this space fellow HR software enthusiasts!


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