New WorkingTech Show Set to Help Pros Work Smarter by Embracing Innovation in the Office

Following lots of hype, the WorkingTech podcast series launched today promising to change the way HR, leaders and the general workforce understands and adopts new business technologies.

Co-founded and hosted by Kevin W. Grossman and Bill Banham, the new show will talk about all things tech in the working world around us – including HR, recruiting and related technologies.

workingtech podcast
Each podcast episode will include an informative fresh take on tech with the entrepreneurs, technologists, solution providers, analysts, consultants, journalists and influencers who make and explain the tech magic so we can all work smarter and more productively. Because, as the WorkingTech team explains, hardly working simply isn’t an option.

The show focuses on how we recruit, hire, develop and manage each other, and how technology enables us to work smarter, faster and better.

The first WorkingTech podcast features a conversation with LeapGen Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Jason Averbook, and Co-Founder & Chief Service Officer, Mike Brennan.


Listen to Episode 1 of the WorkingTech Podcast

Kevin W. Grossman said of the new show “Here’s the thing.. we’ve come a long way in the world of work when it comes to the business of human resources, recruiting and talent management, empowering the entire workforce and ensuring the right technologies are implemented, integrated and adopted. Its our ambition to take the new show to the general business community and help educate them in tech options out there which can truly change the way they work”.

Bill Banham added “I’m proud to be involved in launching the new WorkingTech show. We believe that, by posing hard-hitting, in-depth questions to analysts, practitioners and vendors within the world of work tech space, we’ll offer a powerful new resource for professionals looking to find better ways to grow productivity, collaboration and improve their bottom lines”.


About WorkingTech


WorkingTech investigates how inextricably linked technology is to our worlds of work, that symbiotic relationship between humans, technology, and business.

The show is supported by The HR Gazette and Reach West and focuses on how we recruit, hire, develop and manage each other, and how technology enables us to work smarter, faster and better.

Check out the all-new @WorkingTechCo Twitter account and follow the #WorkingTech conversation.

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