New Tools From HRmarketer Helps HR Tech Companies ‘Get It Done’

Innovative new additions to the HRmarketer software is set to provide tech companies hr space with big wins in brand visibility, thought leadership, social activity and engagement.


A big player in the hr vendor marketing arena for years, the clever software’s new release, called Get It Done!, promises big wins from minimal time investment. Using the new and improved Insight module is is, simply, awesome! Its kinda like having a crystal ball to guide your marketing. That’s because Insight has an ear to the ground and maintains the best pulse on the HR industry. The information venors get from using Insight can help drive just about every aspect of marketing strategy.


Get it Done! is a new approach to social and content marketing where the software automates the administrative tasks (saving you time) and leaves the strategic tasks to you. After all, it’s the time-consuming administrative tasks that prevent most marketers from doing what they need to do each day on social to grow their brands visibility and engagement.


The administrative tasks that Get it Done! automates include finding the right content to share and engage with, picking the best and most appropriate hashtags, setting up and pre-populating your content shares across your social channels, finding relevant people to follow, letting you know who you need to thank and engage with, what content you should consider commenting on, and staying involved with the meaningful conversation and events taking place on social each day.


And at the same time telling you what’s important in your industry, what your competition is up to and which of your targeted influencers are engaging with topics relevant to your brand.

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