#HRchat: Do You Know Your Own Company Culture?

“Before you can describe your company culture to someone, you must first understand it yourself.”

Do you know your own company culture? Are you able to communicate this to your people or candidates? Every culture is unique and many factors support its creation. Many studies and experts have observed “components” that are common in great cultures. This can help us identify and give us the ability to communicate our own culture.


Question preview:

Q1 – What is a company’s Vision? Who defines it?
Q2 – What are a company’s Values? How are they shown in the workplace?
Q3 – What are a company’s Practices? How are they developed?
Q4 – What role do People play in culture? Can someone adopt an existing culture?
Q5 – Is a company’s Narrative (story) important to culture? How is the story communicated?
Q6 – How does the Place (location, office layout) impact the culture?

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