Interview with Vanessa Judelman: Developing Leaders, Teamwork and Grease

For nearly two decades, Vanessa Judelman has been helping clients to develop leaders who inspire great results. She is a speaker, facilitator, talent management consultant and certified coach. We caught up with Vanessa for a brief interview to learn more about her passions and plans for the year ahead:


Vanessa Judelman

Editor: Tell us about your personal career history and what brought you to creating and building your own business?

VJ: When I graduated from McGill, with a B.A. and B. Ed, there were no jobs for teachers. So, I worked as an educator teaching at-risk youth. A year later, MICA Consulting Partners hired me and I worked there for nine years. I started as a client service co-ordinator, moved into business development and then held a position on the consulting team for four years.

I then worked at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, where I built and developed the Organizational Development and Learning department. In 2010, with over 14 years of corporate experience under my belt, I finally felt prepared to actualize my dream of starting my own business. It was at this point in my career that Mosaic People Development was born.

Editor: Can you tell us a bit about what Mosaic People Development does for HR professionals and Managers?

VJ: We train and coach smart people how to be savvy and effective leaders. We understand that leaders were educated in their specific field, for example marketing, architecture or accounting. Yet, when they get promoted into a management role, they often have had no training on how to coach, develop, retain and recognize their people. We teach these skills in a way that guarantees behavioural change and ensures that the learning sticks.

Editor: What is your target market? Please tell us a bit about typical companies which use Mosaic People Development’s services?

VJ: We work with small and medium sized business. Many of our clients are growing rapidly and have many new managers who are leading for the first time. We also work with organizations who are focussed on succession planning and need to develop the next generation of leaders. We work with organizations like Workopolis, Blakes LLP, Quadrangle Architects and The Sick Kids Foundation.

Editor: What’s your role at your company?

VJ: I am the President. I am also a certified coach through The Coaches Institute. My role is both hands on (training and coaching) and strategic.

Editor: Do you prefer team work or going solo?

VJ: I like a balance of both. I love to brainstorm and collaborate in a team. After all, two heads are better than one. When it comes to execution, I am very happy taking my tasks and responsibilities and flying on my own.

Editor: What are the top three things you think make for a happy and productive work environment?

VJ: 1) A leader that is caring and grounded. 2) Goals, roles and responsibilities that are clearly defined. 3) A structure that provides autonomy for people to get the job done their way.

Editor: What are the top 3 things you’re working on/developing in 2015?

VJ: I am working on my social media strategy, which is always a moving target! I am also developing a series of fun and engaging leadership videos. This summer, when I have a little down time, I’m also going to start working on a book.

Editor: Sounds like a lot happening for you this year! How can people learn more about your services and up to date with your exciting year ahead?

VJ: I like to use a high touch approach in my business, so I suggest people go “old school” and call me on the phone. Of course, there is lots of information on my website ( including articles I have written for the Globe and Mail, some radio show clips from CKNW Morning News, and two leadership films that I created.

Editor: What’s your favorite book?

VJ: This is a no brainer. It is called Mindset. The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck.

van_jtEditor: What’s you favorite movie?

VJ: Grease. For pure entertainment value this movie stole my heart as a child and captured it forever! Sorry…getting cheesy here! Go grease lightning!

Editor: If you could be a super hero who would you be and why?

VJ: Sydney Bristow, otherwise known as Jennifer Gardner’s character in Alias. If I wasn’t a leadership consultant, I would definitely want to be a kick-ass double agent.

Editor: Shameless plug time.. how does The HR Gazette fit with your brand’s objectives?

VJ: We both support the Human Resources community. We both care about people and support their growth and development. We are both cutting edge, nimble and understand what people need to be successful in a very fast paced and complex world of work.

Editor: Other than The HR Gazette.. what other trade magazines do you read on a regular basis and why?

VJ: I read the HR Professional Magazine as it keeps me up to date on HR issues and trends.

Editor: Will your company be attending any events/conferences this year? If so, which ones and why?

VJ: I always attend the HRPA Conference. It is a great place to connect with old friends, meet new ones and see what’s new and interesting in the world of HR.

Editor: Finally, got anything else to say to our readers?

VJ: Believe in yourself and live with confidence. I work with so many brilliant, talented leaders who lack confidence and second-guess themselves. Know what makes you brilliant and do more of that!

Mosaic Personal Development from Vanessa Judelman on Vimeo.

About Vanessa Judelman:

Vanessa has been a consultant and has worked in-house as a business leader. By combining these experiences, she designs and delivers programs that are practical, customized and can be applied on the job immediately.

Vanessa’s goal is to develop great leaders at all levels by:
• Coaching individual leaders to grow leaps and bounds in a short period of time
• Training new manager to successfully transition into a leadership role
• Providing senior leaders with the necessary tools to align their people with their business strategy

Her clients include: CAAT Pension Plan, Torstar Digital, Workopolis, Blakes, United Nations, Motorola, Urban Land Institute, Campbell’s Soup, GalxoSmithKline and CIBC.

Contact Vanessa: 1-416-275-2253

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