Interview With Juliana Trichilo Cina On Learning, Communications and Vanilla Sky


Editor: Tell us about your personal career history and what brought you to your current company.

Juliana: My love for communications cannot be overstated. I studied English and Political Science. With politics, I was enthralled with the game legislators play when they very intentionally codify law so its interpretation is clear, only to have it torn apart by courts, loopholes and workarounds. The idea that communication can be so baffling and unclear has been a life-long interest of mine. I transitioned from policy writing to commercial writing to stretch my communication knowledge and skill further. What I discovered was that we do each other a terrible disservice by not communicating clearly.

From marketing to academia, if we can just master the art of effective communications we can connect people with the information they need. I’ve worked in government, marketing, sales, and facilitation, both in traditional employment roles and running my own company. I don’t really care about the medium, but I am hell-bent on improving communications wherever I go. With Learnography, I am honoured to have the opportunity to effectively connect learners with solutions that work for them.

Editor: Can you tell us a bit about what your company does for HR professionals and Managers?

Juliana: Learnography is a non-profit organization in the learning sector. We create custom learning solutions that include everything from needs and program assessments to creating the learning tools and testing the results of the learning after the fact. We put the learning outcomes at the forefront, so we can think outside the box and do some amazing things with media, web, mobile, etc. as long as we’re optimizing the learners’ experience.

I couldn’t love what we do any more. For the HR world, you can bring us in for a chat about any learning scenario and we can offer suggestions or a more formal strategy. And if we can help you roll out your strategy using tools like eLearning, web conferences, and media, we’re excited to help. The fun thing for me is that working for a non-profit means I can be a sounding board for the HR world and we share the same goal—serving the learner.

Editor: What is your target market? Please tell us a bit about typical companies which use your services?

Juliana: Learnography’s breadth of service across sectors runs the gamut. We have a long history serving the public sector. In fact, we have worked with the Ontario Ministry of Education for decades to ensure quality resources reach K-12 classrooms. We work with professional associations bound by formal regulatory compliance, and as well as the informal but serious adult learning that is crucial to success, productivity, and other competencies that aren’t regulated but still fundamentally necessary to your career, organization, and industry.

Editor: How does The HR Gazette fit with your brand’s objectives?

Juliana: Learnography is all about spreading knowledge. Implicit in the publishing world is this incessant cycle of synthesizing knowledge, producing content, and promoting engagement and readership. I personally appreciate the platform to share relevant information with the HR world. While Learnography creates learning journeys, The HR Gazette plays an integral role in the learning lifestyle. Institutions like ours need each other.

Editor: What’s your role at your company?

Juliana: I’m the Solutions Director at Learnography. In the corporate world my role best equates to business development and marketing. I get to work with clients and members of our community to craft solutions in a variety of scenarios. I also get to work on our brand, network at trade shows and speak at events, create articles, and much more. It’s a lot of fun interacting with the community at large. If you ever want to have a chat about anything learning related, I love getting in on the ground floor with a high level discussion or brainstorm. Don’t hesitate to call, text (416.316.2178) or email me (

Editor: Do you prefer team work or going solo?

Juliana: All of the above. I’m very high energy. Sometimes I think I’m a little too high energy for those around me, but I never hear complaints. So in a team or solo, I’m productive and engaged. I really love my work and embrace it no matter what it looks like.

Juliana Trichilo Cina

Editor: What are the top three things you think make for a happy and productive work environment?

Juliana: I could write a thesis on this. I think in some ways happiness and productivity at work is a complicated formula and in other ways it’s quite simple. If we want to keep it simple, my top three answers are:

a. Corporate values that align with your personal values
b. A constant challenge (with rewards) in your field of expertise but also in your personal process
c. A sense of ownership over your work, your projects, etc. Essentially, the feeling that your career is your own little company and your employer is your client.

Editor: What are the top 3 things you’re working on/developing in 2015?

Juliana: 1. Learnography is brand new. We just launched on March 31. So establishing the identity of Learnography is a big goal of mine this year.2. I want to speak to as many people with learning roles and needs as possible. I want to understand the challenges of this field as well as possible. Where I can help solve the challenges I would be honoured to, but the process of meeting and talking with those in the trenches across the learning sector is greatly appealing.3. My team and I at Learnography are focused on producing more content for our community. From articles to free learning content, sharing what we know is a priority for us this year. Announcements about free releases will be sent out via email and social media, so don’t hesitate to connect with us or sign up to our email list.

Editor: Other than The HR Gazette.. what other trade magazines do you read on a regular basis and why?

Juliana: I wouldn’t say I stick to any set of publications. I read a lot of blogs. I get a lot of emails!! I really enjoy the up and comers like Derek Halpern and cult classics like Seth Godin. But the list is far too long to share. From established trade publications to underground experts, I am always learning.

Editor: How can people learn more about your services?

Juliana: Visit for everything you need from case studies to service listings and, of course, free content. There are some nice demo pieces too, especially for some of our fun video work.

Editor: Will your company be attending any events/conferences this year? If so, which ones and why?

Juliana: We will certainly be at CSTD, HRPA, the ATD International Conference in Orlando in May, and ISTE in June.

Editor: What’s your favorite book?

Juliana: That’s a tough one. I think I’d have to say Absalom! Absalom! by Faulkner. It certainly wasn’t a quick and easy read but it challenged me in a variety of ways that I didn’t think a book ever could. Brilliant stuff!

Editor: What’s your favorite movie?

Juliana: I’ve been known to enjoy a good old Love Actually or Dear John, but the movies that really grab me are usually deeper, like Vanilla Sky.

Editor: If you could be a super hero who would you be and why?

Juliana: I’d be myself with unlimited strength, x-ray vision, and the ability to freeze time and live forever. (I’m very amused at my answer and so won’t edit the somewhat redundant abilities concerning time… clearly time means a lot to me!!)



Editor: Finally, got anything else to say to our readers?

Juliana: Thank you for reading. Your time and attention are invaluable. Don’t hesitate to share your writing or accomplishments with me. I truly enjoy connecting with the business community at large. 🙂

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