#HRUSeattle Recap: Talking Tech and Innovation

On March 9, #HRUSeattle delved into the changing world of HR and Recruitment technologies and how they are being adopted by the workforce.

The event brought together a group of around 45 HR pros who were looking to engage and discuss topics related to sourcing, recruiting, and staffing.

People may not realize that when HR professionals gather, a good time is (generally) had by all. The recent #HRUSeattle was no exception. Maybe that’s because the U in #HRU stands for “un-conference”?

The unconference format meant that dialogue was relaxed yet rich. The emphasis placed on conversation and free exchange of ideas meant the event did a great job in educating the local HR community about the latest innovations and technologies used in making HR easier.

Sessions were led by an impressive line-up of analysts, leaders and HR pros from such companies as CXC Global, AmazingHiring Global, Providence Health & Services, Providence Health & Services, Amazon, Lockheed Martin and Brightfield Strategies.

As an attendee, deciding which discussion was difficult, with an amazing list of presenters who covered:

How to effectively manage and engage contingent workers

Wish lists for recruiting technology

Using tech to track employee engagement and happiness

Proactive sourcing (including 17 hacks from YouTube, Facebook, and more!)

As well as talks about AI in recruitment, tech-ready and future-proof recruiters, and machine learning!

As one participant, Colleen Edwards, said on Twitter, #HRUSeattle was all about connecting the dots.

I completely recommend these events–they are personal, provide access to a strong professional network, and can help you remember the purpose behind what you do. Check out the Global HRU website to see if there’s an upcoming event near you!

Listen to the recent HRchat show with #HRU Founder Aki Kakko to discover:

  • Aki’s unorthodox early career
  • Entrepreneurism and how necessity breeds innovation
  • #HRU and how it is changing the way HR and Talent pros learn and collaborate
  • Candarine and how the company helps organizations to transform their talent attraction processes from “PUSH” to “PULL”
  • Growing and educating global business community

Author: Liz Sheffield

Liz Sheffield is a freelance writer with more than a decade of experience working in HR. Her areas of expertise are in training and development, leadership development, ethics, and compliance. She enjoys writing about the human side of business and works to help organizations express their message in a way that engages employees, business partners, clients and the HR community.

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