HRchat: Show Your Colleagues You Care

New ways to recognize and reward

Join Tim Baker and the team at 12:30-1:30 ET on Tuesday, Sept 20th with guest Jack Martin from Payback Incentives for the next #HRchat on Twitter to discuss Recognition and Rewards.



Newly accessible technologies based around incentives and gamification plus the changing demographics of the workforce (shift from Gen X to Millennials) are shaking up the world of work and how employees can be recognised/rewarded for their achievements. By embracing new processes and tools to recognize achievements, your company can lower churn, retain top talent and develop a more meritocratic culture.

Lockport-based entrepreneur and HR tech business leader, Jack Martin at Payback Incentives, will join #HRchat to discuss new ideas to reward employees and create a stronger company culture based on transparency, collaboration and performance.

Question preview:

Q1: What are some historic challenges faced when trying to #engage & #reward great work & great performance?

Q2: There seems to be an onset of the Millennial-dominated workforce demanding better ways to be recognized at work. Why?

Q3: In a #performance based scenario, who should be rewarded/recognized and what are the KPI’s?

Q4: How can technology support smaller orgs to provide same level of incentivisation as big orgs?

Q5: What are some of the results of having a workforce that enjoys programs that #recognize & #reward top performers?

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