HRchat Podcast Interview: New Channels to Educate and Engage Employees with Miles DePaul

In this episode of the HRchat show, host Bill Banham speaks with Miles DePaul, Co-Founder and Managing Director at PatchFM and speaker at the DisruptHR Toronto event. PatchFM is used by large companies to help employees better engage with internal news, announcements and corporate initiatives.

About Our HRchat Guest

Miles DePaul is the co-founder of Patch (, a platform for companies to communicate internally with podcasts. Patch is the first podcast hosting service designed for internal communications with private and personalized RSS feeds, integrations into enterprise platforms, and team-based analytics. Patch also works with their customers to produce internal and external podcasts to best engage audiences.

In 2014, Miles launched a digital media agency where he produced audio and video content for brands (Shopify, McConnell Foundation) and networks (Bell Media, Spotify). In 2012, Miles co-founded Sustainability CoLab, a national environmental non-profit. Miles has focused his career on building products, services, and organizations to more effectively connect audiences to the stories they love. If things fell a (very) different way, Miles would likely be playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs right now.'

Author: Editor

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