#HRchat: Employee Onboarding – Broken Promises

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy employee.

Join Tim Baker and the team at 12:30-1:30 ET on Tuesday, July 5th, for the next #HRchat on Twitter to discuss how “broken promises” can impact the onboarding experience.


The recruitment and interviewing process can be lengthy and stressful for an eager candidate applying for their dream job. Add to that some broken promises made by the employer, and the experience can be very deflating. The onboarding process is a pivotal time for the new hire. This is the time when they are welcomed into workplace culture and expectations are defined. 

Join us to discuss how employers can keep their promises to new hires.

Question preview:

Q1: In what ways can an employer misrepresent the new job to the candidate?
Q2: New hire orientation is still important. In what ways can a poor orientation fail in the onboarding process?
Q3: How can onboarding ensure new hires get to know co-workers?
Q4: How long do you dedicate to the onboarding process before it’s business as usual?
Q5: How can we ensure new hires understand their purpose, objectives & responsibilities?
Q6: How can we ensure new hires are engaged and aware of their performance in the first few weeks?

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