HRchat: Aki Kakko on Innovation, HR Events and Building a Global Business Community [podcast]

Aki Kakko

Aki Kakko

In this episode of the HRchat show, host Bill Banham talks with Aki Kakko, a serial entrepreneur emerged in the world of HR and Big Data. Aki´s mission is to disrupt recruitment and HR and provide the solutions that would help society better understand job-seeking behaviors of the global workforce.

Aki is a partner in the awesome global HRU series of unconferences and #HRTechTank events. He is a co-founder at Joberate and Candarine.

Aki´s vision with this is to empower recruiters to do better hires with more advanced tools, services and deeper understanding.


Listen to the HRchat podcast to hear Aki’s insights:


  • His unorthodox early career
  • Entrepreneurism and how necessity breeds innovation
  • #HRU and how it is changing the way HR and Talent pros learn and collaborate
  • Candarine and how the company helps organizations to transform their talent attraction processes from “PUSH” to “PULL”
  • Growing and educating global business community

About #HRU

The HR Gazette is proudly supporting HRU events in 2017. HR Unconferences are designed to bring good value to both participants and partners by:

  • assuring high level, progressive and future-oriented content for attendees
  • and relevant people at the right time for sponsors.

Aki and the #HRU team believes that the real value happens outside the keynote sessions, exhibitions and formal discussions. That’s why they created the Unconference style HR events where everyone can influence the content and have the own voice for shaping the future of HR.'

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