HR Trends You Shouldn’t Miss In 2017

HR trends in 2017The human resources landscape has changed at a rapid rate in the past decade.  Incredible technological innovations, changing attitudes of employees and employers, and new management processes have dramatically altered the industry.  To help you stay on top of these changes, here are the HR trends you definitely should not miss in 2017.


HR Trend 1: More HR software platforms to choose from

Technology is one of the key drivers of change within the sector.  In 2017, there will be even more human resources software platforms to choose from and they will become much more advanced.  Smartphone integration, advanced applicant tracking systems, online learning integration, benefits administration, and social media integration will become the norm.  These systems will merge employee management and talent acquisition, creating extremely powerful platforms.

More companies are expected to build their own HR software platforms this year, using external developers or in-house staff.  The end result will be more HR software platforms to choose from and a significant increase in their capabilities.


HR Trend 2: Less focus on perks, more focus on satisfaction

Companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter created workplaces packed with many perks including free drinks, in-office gyms, ping pong tables, and massage therapists.  Some smaller companies copied this approach in the hope of attracting talented staff members.

Unfortunately, many HR professionals have discovered that these kinds of perks aren’t always effective at attracting the best talent.  Once every employer began offering perks, they became a bit meaningless and many employees aren’t interested in certain perks.

In 2017, there will be a stronger focus on improving the overall satisfaction of workers.  That means increased learning opportunities, better benefits and better work-life balance, and more employee engagement — making sure that staff members are happy in their roles.  Eventually, happy employees will create a buzz about the company and draw in new talent. 


HR Trends 2017HR Trend 3: Social media will play a larger role in attracting candidates

Young people now use social media for much more than connecting with friends and posting photos of their meals!  It has become their preferred mechanism for sharing information with colleagues and interacting with businesses.  Many young people find traditional recruitment methods to be out of touch and prefer to work with companies that have a strong social media presence.  HR professionals will need to use multiple social media platforms to reach talented young candidates.


HR Trend 4: Less paperwork involved in the hiring process

The amount of paperwork that HR professionals deal with will continue to decline in 2017.  Thanks to more advanced HR software platforms and automated processes, professionals will spend less time filling in paperwork and more time managing people.

Processes like performing a police check on a candidate will also become easier thanks to online services.  Some HR platforms will even have the ability to perform an automated police check on candidates before they reach your desk.


HR Trend 5: Less focus on “culture fit”

In the past few years, many HR professionals have sought candidates that fit in with the culture of a workplace.  They believed that it would help to create a workplace where employees could communicate easily and collaborate well together. Unfortunately, this practice has led to workplaces where employees are so much alike that they do not contribute anything new or unique.In 2017, more HR professionals are looking for candidates who can “add” to the culture of a workplace, bringing in new perspectives and ideas.  Many tech companies have been hiring this way for years and have seen excellent results.


HR Trend 6: Performance reviews will go away

In 2016, some major companies decided to ditch performance reviews, including Accenture, Adobe, Deloitte, Dell, Microsoft, and IBM.  This trend is expected to continue this year, with HR departments changing to a continuous feedback process.  This process helps employees understand their strengths and weaknesses in the workplace and continually modify their performance.  Most employees prefer this approach as it helps them become more engaged in their role.


HR Trend 7: Stronger focus on workspaces that promote workplace culture

The spaces in which people work has gained much more attention in recent years.  Businesses now understand that a space must be curated to accommodate interaction, collaboration and workplace culture.  Human resources professionals will increasingly be involved in the process of creating workplaces that are employee-friendly and help employees with different attributes reach maximum productivity.


Author: Fiona Crawford

Fiona is the General Manager of Human Resources at InfoTrack, an Australian software company awarded as one of the best places to work in Australia, she drives the strategic people agenda
to keep pace with the growth of the company and its high-performance culture.
With over 15 years human resources, training and coaching experience across a range of industries including sport, fitness, finance, hospitality and automotive; to say Fiona Crawford is passionate about HR is an understatement.

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