HR Tech Adoption: Welcome To The Cloud

Moving to online HR tools is a necessity for companies to streamline processes and get better employee metrics. Switching to an online tool, however, means change and change ain’t always easy!

People need to have a well communicated, well structured implementation plan with some basic expectations outlined about how employees are intended to use the tool and what goals lie behind the move to a technology platform.

For example, it could be about improving efficiency, introducing a more fair and equitable manner by which they measure performance or centralizing employee data so people have better access.

Decide what your goals are and just like any other change management plan – be communicative. Give employees as much lead time as possible to make the adjustment smoother. Use a tool which provides automated emails and infographics which give users a clear idea about what’s coming. Consider unrolling the tool to a small sample first – have them pilot it and then use them as internal champions.

Set Up Stage: Get The Online Support You Need To Successfully Move Into The Cloud

There are now a plethora of easy-to-use HR tools but training is essential for any new tool. Extensive support needs to be in place for those who aren’t technologically savvy, with constant reassurance that people are not being evaluated on how well they interact with the tool.

Build confidence over time by reassuring employees there’s no such thing as a stupid question. A built in help function, such as Sprigg provides, is a great way to let people know it’s okay to ask.

Ensure that you provide accessibility to the web tool for all employees – including those on the shop floor. Post 4 or 5 easy steps by the terminal to help people complete whichever step is required.'

Author: Jilaine Parkes

Jilaine Parkes is a knowledgeable and passionate HR professional, speaker and President of Sprigg. Jilaine has 25 years experience in large, dynamic organizations and independent HR / OD Consulting. In early 2009, Jilaine partnered with Bruce Croxon (Co-Founder of Lavalife and a star of CBC’s Dragon’s Den) and launched an online Talent Management software company featuring the automated Performance Management module known as Sprigg.

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