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Providing HR administration, recruitment, performance, strategic HR, and employee engagement tools for growing businesses, People HR offers cloud-based HR software that helps HR professionals and business leaders make an impact with their most valuable asset – their people.

People HR combines essential HR administration functions with high-impact extras, within one centralized web-based application. Growing companies use People HR to streamline their HR function, gather hidden insights about their workforce, attract more talented candidates, improve the performance of their employees, and engage their people in a way that encourages brand loyalty and optimum productivity.

The company was launched in 2013 by a team of HR software veterans with several decades of experience in the industry. It was designed to address problems faced by small business owners, and HR professionals within larger organizations, who were using paper files, spreadsheets, and outdated HR software to handle their company’s HR function. The software was built because existing HR software was failing to follow the trends of a modern, online generation. As well as being suitable for experienced HR professionals, the HR software was also built to support less experienced professionals new to the world of HR, through interactive benchmarking and signposting for key HR tasks, and guided processes that support bigger business goals.

People HR is designed for HR professionals and business leaders who have little or no technical experience. The software is fully web-based and requires no IT support to configure or maintain. It is optimized for any browser on any device – including tablets, smartphones, and laptops. This means users can access the employee database, and use features like holiday requests or performance management, from anywhere in the world.

People HR helps ambitious professionals to make a bigger impact with their HR data, through pre-designed reports that tell stories about their company’s workforce. In-built advice helps users follow HR best practice and protects against human error, while “missions” support company growth through guided, high-impact HR tasks.
People HR is affordable and transparently priced. Unlike many systems, potential users can find an instant quote without having to jump through hoops.

As well as exclusive extras found nowhere else, People HR provides all the features a business would expect to find in a modern HR system. This includes a complete employee database, an applicant tracking system, appraisals and performance management functionality, a flexible query builder, holiday and absence management, time and attendance tools, company document storage, and integration with mainstream payroll and other HR software suites.

Not only does People HR have existing integrations with key payroll systems and popular recruitment platforms like Indeed and Glassdoor, but it also boasts its own comprehensive API. This means customers with a complex technical setup, who wish to integrate People HR with their other software and systems, can do so with ease.
People HR is most commonly used by small and medium-sized organizations, who are in a position to grow. This includes restaurants, financial institutions, churches and non-profits, other software companies, marketing agencies, entertainment venues and building or construction firms. Within larger companies, People HR is often implemented by experienced HR directors or managers, a a way of centralizing the HR function throughout their multi-sited, and often international, organizations. For a free trial check out'

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