Why HR should promote self-awareness

by Nicola Middlemiss

HR professionals should be promoting the importance of self-awareness if they want to help their employees grow and develop – that’s the assertion from one industry expert who insists the skill is a critical workplace asset.

“If we can help people increase that self-awareness, they know what competencies they have and which ones are primitive at the moment so they can make strategic and conscious decisions as to what they should be working on,” says Janice Parvianinen, global partner at Lumina Learning.

“Then they start to recognize the value of diversity with the others they work with and they can easily graduate to the level of looking at their team as a combination of strengths rather than a mess of weaknesses,” she continues.

According to Ontario-based Parvianinen, self-awareness is also essential for progression – both professional and personal.

“If you punch a destination to into a GPS, you tell it where you want to go but the first thing it’s going to ask is; ‘Where are you?’” she tells HRM. “So if you want to go anywhere, the first thing you need to know is – where are you currently?”

Parvianinen  claims that improved self-awareness not only impacts an individual’s own potential but also helps employees understand their employees’ alternative approaches.

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Author: Tim Baker, CHRL

Tim is a Certified Human Resources Leader with a diverse professional background including Operations Management, Customer Service and Human Resources Management.

He leverages his experience to partner with clients offering a range of services and support. He works with organizations to create solutions resulting in a high performance workplace.

Tim is an active member and volunteer with the Human Resources Professionals Association, and the York Region chapter through their Mentoring programs, Social Media Committee and Annual Conference & Trade Show.

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