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Regular HR Gazette contributor Stephanie Hammerwold recently launched the HR Hammer, her superhero alter ego. The site will showcase Hammerwold’s writing, feature HR heroes and provide tips and advice for making your workplace better. We sat down with Stephanie to ask her some questions on the new site.

What kind of writing can we expect from the HR Hammer?

I have always seen my role in HR as being a resource. Navigating all the complex employment laws and requirements can be a challenge, and I try to make that easier. I have always taken a pro-employee approach, so much of what I will write will help employers understand how to create better workplaces for their employees. Watch for features on HR heroes who are out in the world doing good work on behalf of employers and employees.

Tell us a little more about your approach to HR.

I have a commitment to social justice. In my HR role, that means speaking up to fight discrimination and helping to make workplaces fair and equitable. Workplaces are made up with a wide array of people, and our policies and practices need to reflect that. Whether it is improving leave laws, providing benefits to low-wage workers or implementing paid sick leave, it is important that our workplaces support all employees.

How does the HR Hammer fit with your work?

After a career in corporate HR, I now own Hammerwold & Pershing with my business partner Tim Pershing. We provide HR support to small businesses, and we also do quite a bit of writing and editing. I really enjoy writing about HR and workplace topics and have been a regular contributor to several sites over the last couple years. I decided it was time to create an online home to showcase some of my writing.

What content are you currently working on for the site?

I am planning on interviewing Deborah Harris and Patti Giuffre about their new book, Taking the Heat: Women Chefs and Gender Inequality in the Professional Kitchen. I will also have interviews with some of my favorite HR heroes. Also look for posts on accommodating disabled employees, salary negotiation and more.'

Author: Stephanie Hammerwold

Stephanie Hammerwold, PHR, is the co-owner of Hammerworld & Pershing and specializes in small business HR support. Stephanie writes as the HR Hammer and is a regular contributor at Blogging4Jobs, The HR Gazette and TalentCulture, and she gives presentations on a variety of job search and workplace topics. She specializes in training, employee relations, women’s issues and writing employment policy. Connect with Stephanie on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

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