HR Event Preview: – LEAD2017

LEAD is a platform to change the world, by inspiring individuals, organizations, communities and governments to choose collaboration, education, and ethical leadership, instead of indifference, ignorance, and violence.

LEAD2017_largeLEAD truly believes that choice, not chance, coupled with dedication and inspiration are what instill leadership capabilities. LEAD exists to share powerful leadership stories from hand-selected world thought leaders from each of the following communities:

  • Corporate Leaders
  • Individuals with Disabilities in Leadership
  • Women in Leadership
  • Youth Leadership

LEAD is open to everyone. Schools, clubs, nonprofit entities, chambers of commerce, business leaders and whoever else. The LEAD2017 event will take place in Nashville, Tennessee, from February 7th to 8th and live streaming is also available. Many of the remote sites are actually themed to address different communities of interests. Last year there were 250 people at the event and thousands world-wide remotely.

For more information about the event, visit the LEAD2017 website

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