HR Event Preview: Human Capital Media (HCM) – Workforce Live!

Get your brain buzzing on ideas besides coffee. Workforce Live is a speaker series that provides human resource professionals a strong shot of thought leadership, practical tips, inspiring stories and industry specific research from our Business Intelligence Board — all before lunchtime.

Workforce LiveDesigned by the editors of Workforce magazine, this breakfast series may be found in six cities, including San Francisco on September 22nd. The series in general features 50+ speakers with sessions aimed towards the HR and workforce management community. The theme of each series focuses on attendees’ management IQ, professional profiles, and offers fresh thinking, practical ideas and professional networking.

Each live event begins bright and early and features a total of eight speakers who deliver their remarks in a fast-moving, TED-talk style. The 18-minute presentations are given by local experts, practitioners and scholars. Due to this morning event, there should be enough time for professional networking with peers in your region.

For more information about the event, visit the 2016 Workforce Live – San Francisco webpages

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