How to make your pre-employment screening super effective

How to make your pre-employment screening super effective

Recruiting new people to join your company comes with many responsibilities and factors of which a hiring professional should be aware. It is necessary to get to know the individual as completely as you can before hiring him/her which is why pre-employment screening is a must.

An employer’s viability depends on the employee’s quality and reliability. Effective pre-employment screening of an employee is a critical step in hiring and retaining quality employees. Employers and hiring professionals also screen potential employees to limit the chances of legal liabilities. Effective screening can ensure that there is no potential liability exposure and any kind of wrongdoing in the workplace.

A prescreening process helps in a number of ways. You may discover if the employee can safely perform his/her tasks and duties, whether they have a positive record from prior employment or even if they have any criminal background or records of prior conviction.

Here are some of the ways by which you can establish a super effective background screening.

Clarity in the prescreening process

You should have a clear prescreening process. Establishing a proper written method of screening not only helps fasten the process but also avoids any kind of negligence or overlooking key issues. You should build a process and policy that is specific to the goals of your business, and that takes into account the risk tolerance of your company. Supervise all the levels of screening and when and how they will be performed. Give an explanation, step by step, of how the policy will be implemented.

Consistent implementation

There should be a certain consistency in how the policy is implemented. Never conduct background checks selectively or arbitrarily. All applicants and potential employees should be subject to the same format and method of screening. They should receive all the checks prior to employment.

Screening providers are very useful and help you in your decision making

Make use of a reputable screening service provider. They help not just to make the tasks easier but ensure that key activities are completed.

Legal compliance

You should also take care that the applicants comply with State and Federal laws. You should ensure that these laws are covered in the contractual obligations and rules provided. There are many laws and regulations which you need to refer to and therefore, legal counsel may be of great help.

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