How to Make Recruitment Easier: 10 Top Tools

Each and every business should know about the new employees at a certain point. However recruiting them and looking for new fresh graduates could be painful, time-consuming as well as expensive too. For the recruiters, however, there is some good news as the internet is “democratizing: the process of recruitment.

Tools that are once a trade secret for expensive recruitment agencies which are at now available for anyone online that is at lower cost and at times free!

The major trick for the majority of businesses is to know what is available and what options do they have to start up. It might help for future purpose.

Initially, consider the traditional options. Employers usually take one of the two approaches at the time of recruiting new staff:

  • Throw an ad on Seek (“post then pray”).
  • Use a traditional recruitment agency (“pay then pray”)

If someone tried either, you must know the drill. You need to pay: whether in time or cash money. In addition, there is usually a luck factor it might turn out to be profitable or vise versa.

It is important to consider the recruitment cycle, basic into three major phases:

  • Sourcing
  • Selection


  • Retention

Here are online tools which could make recruitment easier, faster and cheaper for any business.

  1. Sourcing

The job board is not dead. For the majority of them, the roles are to hire. However smart employers no longer pray and post. They in fact keenly source candidates from the range of various other different channels.

  1. LinkedIn

It is quite obvious that LinkedIn is helping forum for the recruiters, however many employers get confused regarding the initial step to be taken. For the beginners, I guess it is important to follow some basic point; they can search the employees, join different recruitment groups, encourage and be active on promoting their firms and post job ads with the specification.

Improving the professional recruiter’s forum, especially the one that offers half revenue of LinkedIn, the firms are not preparing them to be active and show their potential target market on this site which is the best way to get in touch with candidates.

For example, Deloitte has cut down almost $6M from the yearly annual recruitment bill from more active sourcing on LinkedIn.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is considered with the mixture of cynicism and enthusiasm when it is considered for recruitment purpose. Whatever is considered cannot be taken lightly or ignored. Skillful employers could now easily target the job post within particular user types such as a laser.

For example, if someone is looking for a marketing manager, considering the interest in indie music, and the one that is based on Eastern suburbs, Facebook could be helpful. Along with this, it is also important to consider the professional networking sites like BeKnown and Branchout.

  1. Video

The Video is a countless technique to fascinate applicants through building a profile as well as sharing your personality.

  1. Meetups

Who do you consider as your ideal candidate and how much are they passionate about? Meetups are designed for such purpose all over the world; this allows people with the same interest in order to get together with the candidates.

If you are looking for any Ruby on Rails specialist, there is a meetup for it. This enables you to explore people, meet potential applicants and get a short introduction about them. This exposure can work for the benefit of the recruiter.

Through this, you can not only save your money but time as well, this is how a specialist recruiter can work efficiently by meeting up their targets.

  1. Forums

It is considered as a type of online meetup. There is a forum for nearly every niche and industry. You need to observe people through displaying their expertise, complaints, frustration, and knowledge regarding present employer, such as Mumbrella (the digital and marketing) and Whirlpool (technology and internet).

  1. Selection

As soon as you have shortlisted the candidates it is now the major decision to select the best out of one. It is important not to ignore the “traditional” format of interviewing. However, the online tools and could make the interviews more target oriented and efficient.

  1. Video Interviews

Someone who has been interviewed more than the specific candidates’ individual will experience the “dud”. In five minutes, you need to know what is clearly not right for the particular position; however one must continue the interview process for avoiding and appearing to be rude. Video interviews could be solved this issue, whether:

  1. Live Interview – For Example Through Skype

Recorded interviews, automated video interviews along with candidates recording the blind responses for questions through the webcam. This is the tool we offer at RecruitLoop.

  1. Psychometric Testing

Learn regarding behavioral, decision making or leadership traits before hiring someone. Psychometric difficult used to be expensive, however affordable online option involve:

  • Omnia
  • Peoplogica
  • Rightpeople

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