How Social Media Is Changing Businesses In 2015

Sophisticated computing devices and their applications are connecting businesses and clients like never before. Enabling exchanges of information from around the world within seconds. In the last 20 years Computing, once restricted to governments and business has made its way into the hands of everyday consumers and employees.
Now, pictures, reports, presentations and live streaming broadcasts can be achieved by pressing a button.
Mass communications has always existed in the corporation. It can be argued, it started with main frames and Lotus notes eventually evolving into the social media we see today with email, Facebook, and broadcast messaging such as Twitter.
With its speed and convenience, social media computing has quickly became the norm for customers and clients to discuss and exchange business. The simplicity of social media computing with its integrated devices, networks and applications is putting a requirement on corporations around the globe. Within big corporations, social media provides similar ease of information exchange however, it comes with challenges posing security and integration problems with existing enterprise communication tools.
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How to keep sensitive corporate data from the social media network!

Challenges arise daily about how to secure and distribute critical corporate data over the social network.

Not only has social media put pressure on the way companies conduct their business, it has put added challenges and demands on internal departments and groups within the organization. Especially Human Resources and other departments that manage organizational resources such as Information Technology and Security.

Super computing devices with high delivery processing speeds, the mobility of corporate data, and accessibility of any-time computing has opened a 24 hour computing day. This workday requires more planning for organizations putting a strain on valuable human resources.

In addition, it requires corporations to develop a corporate strategy to track and secure their corporate data over the social media network. Social media bursts such as those seen on twitter are almost impossible to secure from a corporation’s perspective.

For most businesses and government offices, using burst communication like twitter requires restrictions from employees that are almost impossible to enforce requiring self management.

The convenience of social media has a cost to big organizations.

It is becoming an organizational challenge to secure corporate information in the mass media revolution. For Human Resources, social media requires developing and managing policies that provide security to the organization’s people, devices, and data. Human resources needs to work closely with security and IT departments to ensure these valuable corporate assets are protected.

Despite the challenges, social media computing opens up many opportunities for companies to build there corporate family. At the executive level, it provides a communication path between leadership and employees. Executives of the company are able to broadcast messages across the organization or to specific departments as needed. In effect, social media opens an avenue for the business to stay in touch with its most valuable resources, its people.

Social media provides a mechanism for teams to collaborate and share ideas.

It provides a mechanism for business units to have access to common information, project plans, and other critical project information.

Social media within the corporation is an excellent tool for HR departments to keep in contact with employees. It is a useful medium from which to inform employees about corporate opportunities such as training and credential programs, employee advancement, and social events.

Before social media surges the business world with its speed, easy access, and simplicity it is going to have to take on the big enterprise communication giants like SAP and PeopleSoft that have a historical presence of being business world leaders in corporate communications.


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