Get Ready To Leverage The Power Of The Millennial Generation

The next decade of leadership for your organization will be on the shoulders of the Millennial generation. Already the majority of today’s workforce, Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025!

On April 19, 2016 the Millennial Leadership Summit will bring 100s of leaders and experts together to explore core questions around how companies can adapt to the needs and work patterns of the Millennial generation. The event promises to help pros get ahead of the curve, and strengthen their employer brand’s Millennial value proposition.

Millennials Leadership Summit

Millennials word under a magnifying glass to illustrate searching for young people in the new demographic that is tech savvy, young, modern, innovative and into social media

Much has been written about the Millennial Generation and their current and future impact as employees and consumers. Every industry and organization will feel the significance of this major generational transition. As Millennials enter the workforce in ever increasing numbers, they will be a catalyst for evolving organizational cultures, advancing the use of technology, reinventing employment value propositions, and discovering new ways of thriving in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous).

Is your Brand Ready To Embrace Millennials?

The HR Gazette is pleased to announce that we’re a Media Partner. Tim Baker and the team are looking forward to an awesome day of learning and networking! We’ll be there to join the dialogue around unpacking the myths, realities and evolving norms surrounding this emerging generation. We will take a close look at the predictable leadership challenges Millennials will face as they advance in their careers as leaders.


Who Should Attend the Millennial Leadership Summit?

Managers, Directors and Executives who lead Millennials and are dealing with management and intergenerational challenges.
Corporate leaders who are accountable for hiring, developing and retaining Millennials.
Anyone who wants to build a more engaged, appreciative and diverse workforce.

The 2016 the Millennial Leadership Summit Agenda includes:

  • Millennial Jam Session
  • Compelling Employment Value Propositions and Experiences
  • Leadership Resilience in the Millennial Generation
  • Growing Managerial Courage and Conflict Capabilities
  • Leveraging Cultural Competence – Millennials and Inclusion
  • Millennial Relationships, Organizational Savvy and Influence

Learning Outcomes Include:

  • Expanded Toolkit: An expanded toolkit with ideas, strategies, models and practical actions you can use to help your Millennials step up and accelerate their leadership journey.
  • Interactive Experience: A great experiential and interactive day, learning with a diverse group of experts and leaders from a large cross section of industries
  • Chance To Contribute: A chance to contribute ideas and engage with key Millennial challenges and potential solutions'

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