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2018 is just around the corner. Every year, we strive to do something new and make new year resolutions for ourselves. We tend to maintain the same attitude in our profession. That is why companies feel that all strategies, trends, and concepts devised in 2017 are outdated and hope 2018 to be a year of new innovations, technologies, and high productivity.

HR professionals and recruiters always stay abreast of latest industry news. In case you haven’t started noticing the upcoming recruitment trends, you must read this article. After all, your yearly planning of HR workflow and operations depends upon these trends.

But before checking out what is going to be in next year, let us have a look at some data.

As per a survey on AdWeek, social media is used by 92% of recruiters to find suitable candidates.

However, 78% of recruiters use referrals as a source for hiring candidates.

So, which option is the best way to hire the right fit?

What can you do to recruit quality candidates?

  1. Advancements in AI

AI has remained the buzz word in recruitment industry in 2017. In 2018, it will definitely hit new milestones and bring better innovations than expected. A few years back, AI seemed to be a next generation trend but now, people have accepted the fact that we need a technology which can automate our working process. There is no doubt that in the coming future, AI will dominate our workplace and become its integral part.

But how will it help HR professionals?

AI is a quick method of shortlisting and hiring candidates based on their relevant qualifications, experience, skills etc. Resume parser is an example of the same.  This eliminates manual intervention and saves time of the recruiter. As a result, the recruiter can focus more on other business activities and operations, leading to high productivity and efficiency. Another popular solution is resume enrichment which makes a resume look more informative by adding information from candidate’s social profiles.

In this modern world, it is a fact that talent acquisition has been positively affected by AI. The result is the recruitment of quality candidates who add value to the business and contribute to its overall development and growth.   

  • Self-Skills Enhancement

There is no end to learning. It is becoming mandatory for HR managers and employees to undergo relevant training and upgrade their skills. This continuous learning will prepare them to accept and adopt any new role when given. Giving training to employees through software is an amazing way to measure their productivity through facts and figures.

Just getting a post-graduate degree or diploma is not enough these days. You need to pass certifications or enroll in an online course to enhance your skillset. It will also be beneficial for you in the long run.

  • Work from home

Ten years ago, work from home was not even a concept. A few years back, it was a luxury. But now, with each employee working on laptops, it has become a common practice. Companies always aim to get maximum productivity from employees. This is ensured by offering perks like flexible hours and work from home when needed. Many startups hire freelancers who work from remote areas. They can be easily reached through video conferencing, skype or google chat.

However, it should be noted that remote working is just a perk and not a concept that can be applied in day-to-day professional life.

Working with artificial technology is a reality. Adopting these above-mentioned trends will not only streamline your recruitment process but also increase your output.

Are you ready for these changes?'

Author: lovepreet

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