First, Get Connected with Yourself

I am assuming you know that I recently started my new position as the Vice President of People Operations at Nurse Next Door. This role assembles People, Technology and the Care Services Centre across one department. I am very excited to take on this new role with my new company and am already rolling up my sleeves to understand the current processes and future business requirements.

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However, before heading into week 3, I reflected over the weekend how connected and aligned I was to my role, my new team, my new colleagues and the overall organization. I could easily fluff off these thoughts by saying to myself, “It’s only been two weeks Brenda.” I needed to ensure I was heading in the right direction.

Becoming connected to my new work meant I needed to be connected to myself first. I went back to the declarations I wrote for myself in November 2014. Declarations are one of the three ways you can access your legacy, the other two routes are through a compelling vision and specific goals. My declarations allow me to become what I say. I am declaring my life 24/7. If I say I am busy when someone asks how my day is going, then I immediately appear to be impatient, distracted or unapproachable. None of these I want to be known for or I want to show up in my legacy. I want to be inclusive and accessible to others.

A few of my declarations are:

  • I focus on what’s essential
  • I am grateful for the people I have in my life
  • I am happy
  • I am fit
  • I am loved & giving of love
  • I love learning
  • I am balanced
  • I ask myself everyday “What is it time for now?”
  • I am inclusive and accessible to others

I am intentional with my goals therefore I connect with individuals who share my same commitments. Alignment is continual. Even if I have worked with a colleague for several months or years, I will connect again at the start of a meeting, lunch or call on our shared commitments. Or if it’s a new relationship, I will ensure I have a clear picture of what an individual is committed to in their life. Blocks occur for me when a colleague and I have become disconnected on a project. It typically happens when deadlines are tight or one of us works remotely from the other. Connections have to take virtual methods versus the trusted face to face interactions.

As I start my new position at Nurse Next Door, I have been reflecting on how I can deepen my connection to the work ahead. I have answered the following statements to ensure I am connected to myself first.

Working at Nurse Next Door will:

  • Support my Vision + Goals by providing me with experience in the home/health care industry. I will also lead people and technology initiatives across four continents. These two opportunities will contribute to my 10-year Vision of becoming an Organizational Development Consultant and Principal of my own company.
  • Enables me to be planetary contributor by redefining #happieraging for elderly clients at Nurse Next Door.
  • Helps me grow as a leader by diversifying my business experience and be seen as a thought leader within the global HR community.
  • Following by-whens for the following steps to complete my first year at Nurse Next Door:
    • New People Operations Department Structure in place by January 2016
    • Service Level Agreement from Care Services is operational by February 2016
    • Technology Eco-system is aligned and integrated by July 2016
    • Management & Leadership Development Programs in place by April 2016 (1st phase)
    • People Branding Strategy & Technology fully optimized by September 2016
    • Plan my 3-week family vacation to Australia
    • Speak at 3 BC-based and 1 nationally recognized conferences
  • Observable outcomes are:
    • Franchise Partners recognize a noticeable difference in hold times and scheduling processes
    • Leadership is defined and practiced throughout HeartQuarters
    • A culture of development is in practice at HeartQuarters and employee retention is increased
    • Our culture and brand is explicit and easy to teach and model by all Nurse Next Door employees
    • Our people brand is recognized as an example to other organizations within home/health care
  • Who do I need to align with to generate a successful outcome:
    • Nurse Next Door Leadership Team & Board
    • Franchise Partners
    • Vendors and Suppliers
    • People Operations team
    • My husband and daughters

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How will I keep this all in check? Taking time out to spin and ski this Holiday season and spending time with my family. They recharge me and spinning clears my thoughts. I’ll keep you updated along the way. It might not all go to plan. My declarations will ground me throughout the way.

Author: Brenda Rigney

Brenda recently joined Nurse Next Door, Canada’s fastest growing home care provider, in November 2015. She has an exciting mandate over the next 36 months to create people, process and technology solutions for their Headquarters and to enable the growth of 500 franchise operations over four continents. Brenda has always positioned herself with people-first organizations with a compelling purpose to redefine their industry and the leadership within. Her team spans human resources, marketing, IT, communications, and the call center. Brenda has extensive experience in operations and talent management within the retail, hospitality and video game development industries.

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