Evolution of the job application!

How do you apply for jobs? Probably via a job board, email or maybe even LinkedIn.

In a new and very scientific study from SparkHire, we learn that in the beginning, men hunted and women gathered. Then suddenly in 1492 we could spin wool and sail the ocean blue.

But not until 1632 could you actually post out your new job application in the US. I imagine the lead times for feedback and interview requests were sluggish.

Some more recent milestones from the world of job applications:

  • 1983: Faxing your application is all the rage
  • 1989: You could actually email it over
  • 1999: The first job board pops up online
  • 2005: YouTube was created and video got easier than ever
  • 2012: 66% of adults use social media
  • 2017: Telepathy replaces social media

how to apply for jobs in history

From Jorgen Sundberg

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