DisruptHR Madison: Interview With Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek

Coreyne Woodman HoloubekCoreyne focused her educational career on International Business and Spanish Linguistics, after graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she moved to Europe to attend university in the famous town of Brighton, England. In Europe, her appetite for learning about different cultures and vast international travel resulted in a genuine interest of how people can be happy at work. She went on to work with a number of international businesses that focused their Human Resource departments on areas centered on employee’s engagement at work. Her experience in programming includes, but not limited to: knowledge transfer and accelerated learning as well as performance management and engagement, international business processes and people development.

HR Gazette: Why did you decide to organize DisruptHR Madison?

Coreyne: Among my many passions are Wisconsin, HR, learning, and community. DisruptHR Madison brings all of those together. I am also very passionate about retail therapy, but haven’t figured how I can work that into the program yet.

HR Gazette: How did you get involved with DisruptHR Madison?

Coreyne: I was at a SHRM state conference in ’14 where I attended an excellent session on Personal Branding by Laurie Ruettimann. She mentioned to the audience that we should connect with Jennifer McClure. So I did, and the story goes from there.

HR Gazette: What are some of the unique challenges and opportunities with DisruptHR?

Coreyne: It can be a challenge to get the ball rolling especially if you are in a city that really has not heard of DisruptHR. You have to extend a large reach to educate the virtues to your audience and capture their attention. We have found that once we do people are so open to being disruptive! The biggest opportunity is that as organizers we get to network with HR pros and experts from all over the Globe. The DisruptHR organizer community is amazing. In one day I am in contact with Chris Bailey from the Cayman’s, Rob Caswell from Calgary, and of course Jennifer McClure from Cleveland to mention a few.

HR Gazette: What do you admire most about your co-organizer(s)?

Coreyne: Laura Gmeinder is the calm to my storm. She also just has a way with words. She makes everyone feel special and excited to be part of something awesome! Her facebook posts, blogs, and twitter posts amaze me. Laura is incredibly creative.


HR Gazette: How and when did you get involved with HR and Talent?

Coreyne: I was attending the University of Brighton, England for my International Business degree when I had my first Human Resources related class. I was hooked! People have always amazed me, and I realized that I could make a career out of studying, harnessing, and educating others on the human potential.

HR Gazette: You’re well known in the HR space. Please share 2 or 3 other ‘influencers’ in HR and Talent who you follow and tell us why.

Coreyne: I am largely influenced by my business partner and husband, Bruce Holoubek. Yes, I see him almost every day, and every day he provides a unique “operations guy” perspective on HR and Talent. I am also largely influenced by Rebecca Ryan and the Futurist perspective shaping of what may come.

HR Gazette: We are big believers in the shift from traditional thoughts of HR to embracing modern HR as part of ‘people and culture‘. What does ‘people and culture’ mean to you?

Coreyne: People have amazing gifts and talent potential we haven’t even begun to tap into as HR influencers and professionals. I have a vision that one day everyone will have a job/workplace that fulfills their passions and innate cognitive talents, and that striving for an inclusive, people development centric culture is the way we will get there.

HR Gazette: What other DisruptHR chapters do you hope to visit and why?

Coreyne: I would visit all of them if I could. Of course I would to visit the Cayman Islands and Calgary as both Chris and Rob have made themselves available to answer any questions I have. Also, would love to visit London as England is my second home.

HR Gazette: In 10 words or less tell us what Disrupting HR means to you.

Coreyne: Professional, adaptable, willing to push the envelope to strive forward.

HR Gazette: Finally…if you could be a superhero, which superhero would you be and why?

Coreyne: I feel like Wonder Woman lately. Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, co-running a business, organizing a Disrupt event and being 7 months pregnant. Luckily I have help from my Apu Group team, Mary Callen, Laura Gmeinder, my husband and the Disrupt HR community, and that I am willing to ask for help when I need it.

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