DisruptHR Louisville Interview with Stacy Griggs

Stacy Griggs

Stacy Griggs

Ahead of DisruptHR Louisville, we got a chance to interview one of the speakers, Stacy Griggs. Stacy is the President and CEO of El Toro. Mr. Griggs leads day-to-day operations at El Toro and is also one of the creators of El Toro’s patent for IP Targeting along with El Toro’s 5 other pending patents on game changing AdTech.

Here’s the interview:

Q: Tell us about yourself – your career history and how you came to be in your current role.  

A: I have built and sold 3 successful startups prior to this. I started my career in HR than transitioned to IT and finally to sales and executive management.  

Q: What does your company do?

A: We have invented and have 6 patents pending on a better way to target digital advertising.  Essentially, we mapped IP addresses to homes, business and other high value places then we use this data to target the best digital advertisements to an individuals based on the present location.  

Q: Any upcoming product launches or initiatives you’d like to highlight to our audience?  

A: Our tool is widely used in recruitment, we can target competitors or schools with the perfect ad to reach that audience.  We are launching a tool to do this via mobile device tacking.

Q: What does an average work week look like for you?  

A: 60+ hours with extensive travel, it takes intense focus to build a fast-growing business.   

Q: What made you decide to be a speaker at DisruptHR Louisville?  

Ashley Wilczek, she has an infectious personality.  Additionally, I think HR needs to evolve substantially to remain relevant in the future.

Q: What will you be speaking about at DisruptHR Louisville?  

A: I’ll be considering the topic: Does the World Still Need HR?

Q: What are the major learnings that attendees will take away from your session?  

A: HR must change and evolve or risk irrelevance and extinction.  

Q: Why does Louisville need an event like DisruptHR?  

A: World class cities need world class talent and world class talent is constantly learning.

More About Stacy Griggs

Stacy has led three different organizations that were recognized by Inc. Magazine on the Inc. 500 list as the fastest growing privately-held companies in the United States.

Stacy was an executive for Cbeyond, a publically traded cloud communications company (Nasdaq: CBEY). He joined Cbeyond in 2010 as part of the acquisition of MaximumASP where he was Vice President of Sales and Marketing and one of shareholders. Prior to MaximumASP, Stacy held a series of positions at Hosting.com, including Chief Sales Officer, Chief Service Officer and General Manager for their flagship Delaware datacenter and was very involved in the acquisitions of Hosting.com by Hostmysite and the acquisition of Hostmysite, by Pamlico Capital.

Earlier in his career Mr. Griggs held leadership positons at several technology organizations including stints at KForce, Diamond Technologies, TMP Worldwide and the University of Pennsylvania.





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