DisruptHR Edmonton: Interview with Joy Monsma

Founder of Teneo Consulting Inc, Joy Monsma is an Organizational Development & Effectiveness expert who loves to solve people, process, and system puzzles. Her portfolio of work spans Fortune 500 companies, government, healthcare, non-profits, and small business. She has been a trusted advisor to senior leaders of a 10,000 employee healthcare provider, offering strategic insight and organizational development expertise to ten JMonsmaenterprise-wide initiatives within an 18 month period. In addition, Joy has directed operations of $13M corporate and international training department with footprint in Libya, Cuba, China, United States, and Canada.

When Joy is not engrossed in connecting disparate ideas and solving organizational puzzles, she writes for fun & business, and is the head family cheerleader.

Joy is a co-organizer and sponsor of DisruptHR Edmonton on June 7th, 2016. We took some time to speak with Joy about the upcoming event, her involvement and her take on disruption in the world of HR.

HR Gazette: Please tell us a little about yourself – your career path and expertise.

Joy: I have had what Jeff Goins would call a portfolio career. It has been full of opportunities and surprises I would never have imagined. I have developed a unique set of skills, education, and experiences that have equipped me to be an Organizational Development and Effectiveness expert.

HR Gazette: What’s your company and how does it help professionals in the HR & Talent arena?

Joy: My company, Teneo Consulting Inc., specializes in the Organizational Development & Effectiveness field. We help organizations to solve the people, process, and system puzzles that sometimes confound them. If an organization’s HR department does not have access to in-house OD, or if the organization wants an outside OD perspective we get the call.

HR Gazette: What motivated you to become a sponsor for DisruptHR Edmonton?

Joy: I heard about DisruptHR through an SHRM #nextchat and my curiosity was piqued. When I researched DisruptHR I was convinced it was an idea that was overdue in the HR world. The ethos of DisruptHR aligns completely with Teneo Consulting’s approach to our work. We are not afraid to ask hard questions or explore new possibilities and that is fundamentally what DisruptHR is about.

HR Gazette: Why is an event like DisruptHR important to HR and Talent pros?

Joy: DisruptHR provides a venue to bring all kinds of different backgrounds, perspectives, and industries together to talk about HR topics and challenge the status quo. We can challenge and learn from each other in a safe place that encourages naming the sacred cows out loud.


HR Gazette: We are a big believer in the shift from traditional thoughts of HR to embracing modern HR as part of ‘people and culture’. What does ‘people and culture’ mean to you?

Joy: Organizations live or die because of their people and the culture that their people create. Organizations can shape and encourage a particular culture and they can source their talent accordingly, but ultimately people drive the culture and the culture determines the success or demise of the organization. Strategically engaging, empowering, and equipping the best people drives dollars right to the bottom line.

HR Gazette: Please share 2 or 3 ‘influencers’ in the people and culture space who you follow and tell us why.

Joy: I’m a big fan of Seth Godin because he offers glimpses into humanity that I believe will help us to understand ourselves and others better. Recently I read Jeff Goins book The Art of Work, and it shifted how I saw my life adventure, how I perceived others in their career journey, and how I viewed work.

HR Gazette: What do you think will be the major developments in the people and culture space to watch out for in the next 12 months and why? For example, how does the growing numbers of Millennials in the workplace shape traditional talent management approaches?

Joy: We have been talking about the rise of the global economy for years but I don’t think we have really seen the full reality of it especially in the HR and talent management arena. I expect that over the next twelve months we will see an increase in contract-based cross-border work that will allow professionals of all kinds easier access to international experience without having to move their families, possessions, and the dog! There is a tremendous pool of knowledge and expertise spread around the globe and I believe there will be an effort to tap into that.


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