DisruptHR Chicago: Sponsor Spotlight with Skill Scout

As CEO of Skill Scout, Elena Valentine is passionate about bringing company and candidates stories to life as a way to make meaningful hiring connections. She believes that empathy is the foundation for change. And, that clear communication and storytelling is key to making that change stick.

With Skill Scout, Elena and her co-founder Abby, are particularly passionate about highlighting industries like manufacturing while simultaneously surfacing the talent of quality candidates often overlooked.

Skill Skout is thrilled to be supporting the DisruptHR Chicago event on October 19th, 2016. Here is a little more about the company and the CEO Elena Valentine shared some pre-event thoughts with us.

Editor: What does your company do?

Elena: Skill Scout is an experiential recruitment tool that helps companies attract and fast-track quality talent. We do this through a combination of job videos and engaging applications. The result? Candidates get an authentic window of the job. Companies get a more authentic window into candidate fit and skill level.

Editor: Any upcoming product launches or initiatives you’d like to highlight to our audience?

Elena: We’re launching our experimental recruitment pages to help companies attract and drive applicants to their positions. Learn more or get on our list!

Based on our experiences at the inaugural DisruptHR in May, we’ve launched our
#HRAgainstLame Youtube Series – In these short vlogs we share tips & tricks you can use in your own practice. What made you decide to be a sponsor at DisruptHR Chicago?

Editor: What made you decide to be a sponsor at DisruptHR Chicago?

Elena: DisruptHR is our 2nd home! These are folks who are actively thinking about how they can blow up what already exists in efforts to keep up with their changing workforce. At DisruptHR no idea or opinion is too large or too small. It’s a community where HR goes to get inspired and refreshed. Why does Chicago need an event like DisruptHR?

Editor: Why does Chicago need an event like DisruptHR?

Elena: Chicago is an international economic force to be reckoned with. In order to stay ahead, we have to keep up with the changing needs and experiences of our people. There is nothing more human than the role of HR in a workplace. Chicago needs an inspiring and catalytic community such as DisruptHR to get the creative juices flowing.

Editor: Are you sponsoring any other HR-related events in the next 6-12 months?

Elena: We are proud to partner with HR Management Association to sponsor their upcoming Employment Law conference. The Management Association supports some incredible small to mid-sized organizations. Attendees are not just looking to understand the in and outs, but also become inspired by new solutions and ideas.


Author: Editor

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