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Published by Brennan Kolotinsky


Aerotek, Inc.

Aerotek is a leader in the HR industry, acting as a recruiter and staffer. Aerotek believes people are the foundation of a business and recognizes the potential in humans. Aerotek can help you if you are seeking employment, are seeking talent or want to work for Aerotek. Aerotek has been in business for more than 30 years. In this time, Aerotek has impacted the lives of millions of people by helping them find a job. Aerotek has helped people around the world. People are at the heart of every task Aerotek works to solve. Since Aerotek’s inception, Aerotek has worked to connect talented individuals with incredible organizations. Aerotek cares about people more than anything else.

Aerotek Logo: Blue

Aerotek Logo: Blue



After hearing so much about Aerotek emphasis on people, you are probably wondering what it’s like to be an Aerotek employee. Positions at Aerotek include recruiters, human resources, sales, marketers, accountants, managers, administrators, and financial officers. The atmosphere of Aerotek is made up of the Aerotek’s values: upholding your honor, leaving an impact, owning your work, developing yourself, being prepared to take feedback and provide input, creating teams for projects, respecting each other and learning from the past.


Customer Service

This culture allows Aerotek to provide excellent customer service and fulfill all obligations to all of its’ stakeholders. Aerotek recognizes the importance of developing employees and tries to provide growth opportunities for their employees. Aerotek wants to offer their employee a full career and opportunities for them to succeed at their job. Moreover, Aerotek compensates employees through skill development and performance. Aerotek will support whatever growth you are seeking. These magnificent opportunities can allow you to be the person you want to become.


Aerotek was also an exhibitor at the SHRM DC 2016 conference. For more information regarding Aerotek Pro, visit


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