5 Easy Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

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How WPromote says ‘thanks.’ Workers leave notes on a dedicated wall in the office appreciating each other’s good work.

Sometimes, increasing employee engagement can seem impossible. Where do you begin if you want to boost the morale and engagement of dozens or hundreds of workers? Like many things, the path to full engagement starts small. Here are five easy, free fixes to boost employee engagement that you could implement today.

1) Say thanks

A simple “thank-you” can change someone’s day. Take time to notice your employees’ good efforts, and then thank them. Do it one-on-one – at lunch or in the hallway – or do it in public at your daily meeting. To take it a step further, you could start a formal appreciation system at your workplace. Some companies have gone old school, sticking paper thank-you notes up on a special “cheers” wall – a fun and artful way to show appreciation.

2) Dress-code shakeup

With research showing that office temperature systems are tailored for men – with female coworkers left, literally, out in the cold – maybe it’s a good time to reevaluate your dress code. Consider asking your employees how comfortable they are at work. It’s possible that allowing them to wear shorts and T-shirts could help them work more efficiently (and then you can turn that AC down).

3) Clarify goals

How often do you set performance goals? Once a quarter? Once a year? Maybe you should be setting goals on a weekly or even daily basis. Employee engagement research has shown that workers love having clear goals. Explicit goals helps workers focus on the bigger picture, which helps them get through day-to-day tasks.

4) Encourage wellness

Look around your workplace. Is everyone sitting? Is there is a pack of donuts in the kitchen? How many of your employees are outside smoking? Wellness programs encourage workers to be healthy, but they benefit you, too. Provide opportunities for workers to stretch and move around during the day (it’s not free, but you could also offer stand-up desks), provide healthy snacks in the lunchroom, and reward employees who make healthy life choices. Some research has show that healthier employees save companies money.

5) Broaden horizons

Employees know that they will see professional, personal, and financial gain if they work hard. But do they really know that? Similar to being clear about work goals, be clear with your employees about how they can expand their career. Give them opportunities to cross-train in different departments and provide professional development opportunities. This can be as simple as purchasing them a book they want, or as much as sending them to a conference. If the opportunity is available, be clear about how an employee can evolve at the company through promotions (check out this example from Chipotle).


Author: Neal McNamara

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