3 Important Management Trends to Watch in 2016

New practices are building happier and more productive companies. These are the most important management trends you need to know to succeed in 2016.

10 years ago I would never have believed that today’s management best practices would include encouraging employees to chit chat, work from home, and self-organize.

But as we head into 2016, these are exactly some of the trends shaping the way we work. Here are three big ones to watch.

Remote work is the new way to build a team

From my experience, remote workers provide a ton of flexibility when building your team. A remote workforce provides access to a much broader talent pool, especially when you’re looking for a specific skillset. If your HQ is in an expensive real estate market like New York City or San Francisco, working with remote employees also offers an alternative to sky high office leases.

Many managers are concerned that remote workers are more likely to laze around without supervision, but I’ve found through our remote team, it’s typically the opposite. Because people working away from HQ do not have the luxury of their co-workers actually seeing them at the office, they tend to make a greater effort to demonstrate that they are working and get just as much done, if not more sometimes, than everyone at the office.

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by Michael Pryor

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