2017 LEHRN HR Tech Expo To Offer Connection Zone For Vendors

LEHRN, the non-profit association of HR systems professionals who share knowledge and services to support best business practices for human capital management & talent management has recently partnered with HR Tech Alliances. The partnership will provide new resource vendors to meet while at the 2017 LEHRN HR Tech Expo.

The ‘Connection Zone’ is a dedicated room open for 9+ hours and designed for exhibiting & attending vendors to have 20 minute ‘Partner Discovery’ 1:1 in-person meet ups during the famous HR Tech Expo.

All vendor participants will get a six week Virtual Partnering Program (VPP) which will be open for visitors worldwide to learn about the Connection Zone sponsors March 14th – April 25th. The highlight will be the Virtual Speed Networking Day – March 28th (open 12 hours!)

The partnership comes on the back of successful events produced by HR Tech Alliances such as TAtech Orlando event which led to 100s of meetings for sponsors including one networker who reportedly had 25 pre-scheduled meetings.

All vendor participants also get a six week Virtual Partnering Program (VPP), compliments of LEHRN and HR Tech Alliances. The virtual event format is designed to improve vendor to vendor collaboration in the HR Tech industry by providing vendors with custom tools and curated resources to ensure successful partnerships & alliances.


LEHRN is a professional community which shares knowledge and experience on the successful alignment of Human Resources/Human Capital Management (HR/HCM) and talent management information systems to support best business practices.

The not-for-profit association of HR systems professionals who share knowledge and exchange experiences on the successful alignment of strategy, software, technology, and services to support best business practices for human capital management & talent management.

LEHRN members participate to learn and contribute to understanding how to manage the five perspectives that drive HR systems: People, Process, Technology, Structure, & Culture. Through regular meetings and an annual conference, LEHRN promotes a clearer picture of the marketplace of human capital management vendors and products and creates a professional business network concerned with each company’s successful investment of financial and human capital in HR tools and technology.

About HR Tech Alliances

HR Tech Alliances provides strategic advice and tactical support to drive direct sales and indirect sales. The brand helps grow businesses focused on the HR market by evaluating current strategy and advising on how to make changes to improve marketing efforts. Our clients are provided with feedback, sales and marketing ideas, market viability assessments, decision support, assistance in discovering new alliances, developing channel sales opportunities, etc.

Listen to the Recent HRchat Podcast Interview with HR Tech Alliances Co-Founder Ward Christman:


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