How Personality Profiling Can Help You Engage With Disengaged Employees

The odds are good that you have at least one disengaged employee at your company. After all, it’s estimated that approximately two-thirds of all U.S. employees aren’t engaged in their current jobs.

The tricky part is that disengagement is difficult to detect.

You can’t assume your employees are engaged just because they’re checking off tasks. People can perform efficiently without being emotionally invested in their contributions to the organization.

And if they’re unhappy, the danger lies in the fact that you don’t know if and when they’re going to leave — putting you in a bind.

Why do employees unplug?

Employees usually become disengaged for two reasons:

  1. First, they don’t know how their work contributes to the mission of the company. Without thatsense of purpose, it’s hard for them to be the focused, creative, and determined workers that you want them to be. They need reminders that what they’re doing is meaningful.
  2. Second, disengaged employees often feel unappreciated. Not feeling valued can cause just as much dissatisfaction as salary concerns can.

Strong two-way communication will help workers feel as if their jobs are meaningful and their work itself is valuable. But understanding each employee can be challenging because everyone is different, which means a person’s disengagement can’t be addressed in the same way as his or her co-workers.’

Simple surveys about employee satisfaction aren’t usually effective in analyzing these employees because they normally produce surface-level answers. On the other hand, personality profiling can make reaching out and customizing engagement easier.

Plug Your Employees Back In

Personality profiling helps you understand how your employees operate and what stage of engagement they’re in. And that’s the important first step. Once you figure out where they are on the engagement spectrum, you can then assign them to one of three categories: critical, chronic, or terminal.

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by Erin Latham

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