10 Top Social Voices In Recruitment

Want to know the big social voices in and around Recruitment? You have come to the right place! Here’s our who’s who of the big Staffing voices on Twitter. 

10 Big Recruitment Voices On Twitter

1. Shanna Landolt – President of Secrets From a Headhunter, Guest Editor at The HR Gazette, Your Leading Authority on Leveraging LinkedIn and The Landolt Group – a Toronto based pharma & biotech search firm.

2. “Hiring Maven” (real name not revealed) is an HR manager who is seriously passionate about recruiting the most talented A+ players who truly move the needle.

3. Mike Taylor works at the intersection of learning, design, technology & collaboration. Key contributor to the research, analysis, design, development, implementation, administration and evaluation of many successful performance and learning-related projects.

4. Judith E. Glaser is the best selling business author of Conversational Intelligence +6 other books; Thought leader on CBS & NBC news; Rated one of the Top 20 Leadership Consultants. chairman of The Creating WE Institute.

5. Rich Karlgaard is the publisher of Forbes magazine, where he writes a featured column, Innovation Rules, known for its keen assessment of technology, business and leadership issues. Bestselling author including THE SOFT EDGE; keynote speaker to global 1000 companies.


6. Jim Carroll is a futurist, trends and innovation expert — author, columnist, frequent keynote speaker. Focus includes Human Capital, Healthcare and Technology.

7. Tina Harkness, Esq., SPHR is MSEC’s Information Resource Manager and an employment law attorney. She advises members on a wide variety of employment issues in the workplace, including the ADA, FMLA, wage and hour matters, civil rights, workplace violence, pre-employment screening, and more.

8. Lucy Brazier (UK) is founder of a leading global publication for Administrative Professionals – Executive Secretary Magazine, Motivational Speaker & Facilitator of Administrative Professional Conferences.

9. Brandi Baldwin-Rana – As the founder and CEO of Urban Consult, she oversees the strategic direction of both company divisions [Psychology and Human Development Trainers & Career Elevations] and is spearheading the launch of various global client initiatives.

10. Helene Lerner is a prolific author, television host, Emmy Award-winning executive producer, and Fortune 500 workplace consultant, she covers a wide array of women’s issues—from work-life balance, to health and wellness, to relationships and building self-esteem. Her website has 7M hits annually.


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