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There are lots of awesome shows out there providing news, reviews, interviews, and tips to educate and entertain professionals in and around HR and Talent. These include some impressive shows launched in the last few months. So what are the top new and established podcasts available in 2017? Who’s tones are tantalizing the world of work with tips and tactics?

In no particular order, here’s our list of 10 must-listen podcasts related to HR, Talent, Tech and Leadership.

10 Top Podcasts Related to HR, Talent, Tech, and Management

HRchat podcasts

1. WorkingTech

Launched in March 2017, WorkingTech is a new-comer to the podcast show scene. Hosted by Kevin W. Grossman and Bill Banham, the publication provides interviews and articles relating to HR, Talent, and Technology. WorkingTech investigates how inextricably linked technology is to our worlds of work, that symbiotic relationship between humans, technology, and business. The show considers how we recruit, hire, develop and manage each other and how technology is enabling us to work smarter, faster and better. Listen to the show.

2. HR Happy Hour

The HR Happy Hour podcast produces lots of super-helpful and entertaining audio. There are over 300 episodes so far and shows are published 2-3 times a month. Listen as Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane tackle topics related to human resources, management and leadership, and workforce technology.

3. Recruitment & Talent by CPSA

Launched in May 2017 the Canadian Professional Sales Association, this brand new show sees our friend Kevin W. Grossman interview guest experts and influencers from the world of Talent, Recruitment and Employee Engagement. Each episode of this 9-part series considers a part of the recruitment and HR process and it relates to Sales-focused professionals. From initial considerations of employer branding and candidate attraction, through the onboarding and development stages, to career development and even exit strategies. Listen to the Recruitment & Talent series here.

4. Hire Up Podcast

In keeping with our efforts to raise the profile of some of the newer shows, we could not ignore the great content coming from Hire Up Podcast. Launched in November 2015, the podcast includes a panel of HR guests who are experts in topics like EHS, professional development, and employee risk mitigation and training. Headed by John Beck, CEO of The Assessment Company, the show releases new episodes roughly twice a month.

5. The CYA Report by Fistful of Talent

If you like the style of the Fistful blog, you’ll be right at home with this podcast. Episodes are released roughly 2-3 times a month. This podcast covers an eclectic mix of HR-related topics: from incentive pay, through leadership, to HR tech.

6. Compensation Podcast Series by CPSA

This series is definitely worth a listen if you’re interested strategies to motivate and recognize high performers!

Hosted by David Johnston of Sales Resource Group and produced by CPSA, this show takes listeners through how your compensation programs can align with business goals and ways sales leaders and HR can create strategies to motivate and reward based on performance. Listen to the sales comp series with Dave Johnston.

7. Lunch Conversation with DriveThru HR

This show is a daily 30-minute episode featuring HR influencers and pros. Topics covered include: recruiting, talent management, leadership, and HR technology. The podcast has been around since 2013 and has hundreds of episodes.

8. Human Capital Institute Podcasts

Another long-running podcast, HCI’s shows touch on a range of management topics. From recruiting, to building a great employer brand, to how to apply HR data effectively, each episode is full with information. Episodes come out about once every three days.

9. Sales Leadership by CPSA

Another notable mention for a CPSA-produced podcast series is the awesome new Leadership series hosted by our very own Tim Baker. Going live from May 2017, the 5-part series offers interviews with well-known Canadian and US Sales influencers including Tibor Shanto and Mark Hunter. Listen to the Leadership series here.

10. The Best Part of My Job

Hosted by Lars Schmidt of HROS, this podcast interviews tons if interesting people and starts with a simple question, “What’s the best part of your job?” Guests include executives from big brands like Audi and Twitter, record producers, startup founders, and talent management heavyweights like Jennifer McClure and William Tincup. The podcast is released around twice a month. Listen to the HRchat podcast interview with Lar Schmidt.

Liked Our List? Think we missed some cool HR shows? Let us know and don’t forget to check out the latest episodes from HRchat and partners:



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